Thank You Gajanan and Talha !


When I started this journey of creating my site to promote Climate Change and Animal Extinction I had no clue how I was going to do it. The only support I had was guidance from my dad, and a desire to start something on my own. I did have a little saving of my own to help me in this journey at the beginning for the costs and a 14 day trial of Shopify. I reached out to many designers to help me out, but these 2 were the ones who agreed to help me without expecting anything in return. Gajanan from India, and Talha from Pakistan. Both countries are politically divided, but these 2 designers joined hands towards a common cause of helping me spread my message of saving our planet and the animals which are endangered. Both selflessly worked towards providing me designs to help me start my website, for this I will always be grateful to them.
If any other designers would like to feature their designs on my T-shirts so we can spread the message of climate change and animal extinction do reach out to me. Any help is appreciated in this journey of mine.

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