Why I started Rally Series for T-Shirts?

climate change rally

 I have seen many rallies on Climate Change and have attended a few myself.  I realized of the thousands of rally visitors only a few have posters and banners and most of the attendees come empty handed.  I understand it's sometimes not  possible to carry posters and banners due to time constraints to create one or difficulty in carrying it with you due to size and it being fragile.

Our messaging needs to be stronger and uniform.  Every participant should convey a message when attending the rally. We all should either carry banners or have some message to convey.  Without a banner we are just a poster of various fashion brands we wear with no voice.

Hence the reason for me to create Rally Series for us.  This series offers message for different kinds of rallies through our T-Shirts at the most economical rates.  Moreover major part of the profits will be donated to the rally which it represents.

Help me achieve my vision of our future rallies having all of us having a common message either as a poster in our hand or through our T-shirts so everybody is conveying the message whether we open our mouth or not. This way our voice will be heard more.


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