About Me

As a baby I always felt a connection to animals big or small, but when I started to grow up I started to face reality. The first thing which was brought to my attention were the animal poachers, then all the plastic polluting the ocean which is severely damaging the oceans Eco system. From kindergarten all the way to grade 8 each month we would have a garbage clean up and you won't believe the amount of bags we filled. With all the news about pollution, climate change, and the amazon rain forest burning down really made me question and worry for our future, will we even have one? And for the past few years I wanted to create awareness about our situation in fastest way possible at the same time help the cause.

So one day when my family went to the zoo, I bought a necklace with a turtle, and on the packaging it said all the profits go to saving the turtles. And later in the month I flew to bahamas and swam in the ocean all the things I saw were unbelievable and I realized our planet is so beautiful and how we are slowly killing it. So when I came home I was designing  a shirt and out of the blue the idea came to me. What if we make a company where when someones buys an item related to an animal or climate change, a percentage of the profit gets donated to saving that cause. 

I felt by using internet I could not only reach out to millions of citizens of this world who care about our planet and animals and with their help spread the message and also give back to the charities who believe in the cause by giving them percentage of the profits of the company.

All our designs are dedicated to the beautiful animals of this world and to our planet Earth. Hope you will join and support me in this journey of passing the message of saving our planet and future of all kids in the world including yours !